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What is the difference between a hot black body and a cool black body?
A. The hot black body radiates less intensely at shorter wavelengths but more intensely at longer wavelengths.
B. The hot black body has a larger mass.
C. The hot black body radiates more intensely at all wavelengths.
D. The hot black body has a larger radius
E. The hot black body radiates more intensely at shorter wavelengths but less intensely at longer wavelengths.

I guess E but I think I'm wrong. Which one is the correct answer?
I agree with C. Here's why. Let's say the cold black body is only warm enough to make infrared. Let's say it's glowing with 100 watts of infrared. Now, let's say you heat it up. One, it will glow visible light (shorter wavelenghts). Two, in infrared it will be even brighter (like 200 watts).
How do line spectra black body radiation and the photoelectric effect relate in the devlopment of quantum mech?
How do line spectra black body radiation and the photoelectric effect relate in the devlopment of quantum mechanics.
Briefly i know how to define each one im just having trouble interelating them in a well put manner.
Please help :/
Line spectra show that light is released from atoms only in distinct ("quantized") amounts and wavelengths. Since light is released by lowering electrons to lower energy level, this shows that their energy levels are also quantized.

The photoelectric effect is essentially the opposite idea: electrons are only kicked out of the atoms when light of a certain wavelength is shined on them. It's either enough wavelength or it's not... there's no in-between. This shows quantization running the other way: an electron in a low-energy state switches suddenly and instantly to a high-energy state when hit with light of the right wavelength.

Only two of the three, but that's my two bits.
What type of spider has a nickel sized black body with a white diamond out line and black legs?
the spider was in the bath tub when it was found. it had a small, nickel sized body (black) with a white diamond outline on it's back and abdomen. it also had black legs longer than it's body.
sounds like Zebra Jumping Spider:…

look at the gallery.
How do I find the wavelength with the most intense black body radition?
If a black body is heated to a temperature T (in degrees K), the most intense radiation is at a wavelength lambda (in m), where λ·T = 2.9×10−3m*K. If the burner on your electric stove is at a temperature of 583K (really hot and glowing), find the wavelength of the most intense black body radiation emitted by it.

What is the frequency of the most intense black body radiation emitted by the burner in the problem above?
Wavelength = speed / frequency
Assuming it is a black body radiator, at what wavelength will it radiate the most energy?
Suppose you find an extremely compact White Dwarf star in space with a
surface temperature of 130,000 K. Assuming it is a black body radiator, at what wavelength will it radiate the most energy?

Which wavelength/temperature law did you use in order to determine the answer to question?
Wein's Displacement Law...

wavelength(max) x temperature = 0.02898 m-K

w = 0.02898/130 000 = 2.23 x 10*-7 m

Hope that helps...
What type of spider has a black body with red legs?
Today I saw a spider about an inch big (including legs), the body of the spider was black, but the upper part of the legs and the front two legs were red, and the lower part of the other 6 legs were black. The front two legs were very long, almost looking like antennas. Does anyone know what the name of this type of spider is?
this will no doubt belong to the Theridiidae family.
IDing by color is difficult, if not impossible.
It is likely a common house spider, or cobweb spider.…
There are 234 species in 32 genera described, just in north America.
How do you construct a black body radiation source that can stand up to 2000k?
How do you construct a black body radiation source that can stand up to 2000k?
You could build a carbon arc lamp. I built one in high school from thing I found around the house. Wikipedia says, "The temperature of the arc in an arc lamp can reach several thousand degrees Celsius". My arc lamp was plugged into the wall. I used two pieces of carbon ( from an old battery). To keep from blowing the house fuse it was in series with a heater element (the resistance is low enough so that lamp gets quite enough current) You need to find a way to brace the carbon rods on a non conductor. (can't use a wood stand today)

To operate the rods are touched together or almost together and moved slightly apart as the arc forms between them. The spectrum of light emitted will be the best way to calculate the temperature. Safety measures that were not in place 45 years ago will most likely have to be observed.
What spider has a black body and red dot?
I saw a plentiful amount of spider webs today. There were spiders with a full black body and a red dot. I didn't notice an hourglass shape to the red dot, so I'm not sure if it is a black widow. Do you know of any spider that it could be besides a black widow?
the first three of these are the only dangerous ones...there are several others similar to black widows...…
How do I calculate needed surface area for near black body passive thermal radiation?

I am trying to figure out how to figure the surface area I need to emit certain amounts of energy in values of watts. How many square inches would emit so many watts or joules of heat/energy?

I am pretty lost to this black body stuff, thanks a bunch!
This is called a heat sink, and the rating is in thermal resistance (degrees per watt) or thermal conductivity (watts per degree). Thermal resistance is used with smaller systems like electronics packages.

The link below has a calculator. This is for convection, so the atmospheric pressure (density) comes into it, along with air flow.

The final temperature can be calculated by using the power from the heat source in watts, the ambient temperature, and the thermal resistance. The body of the heatsink rises above ambient by the calculated temperature. The figures are for settled temperatures. You can search for examples of these calculations.

If only radiation is used (like it would be in a vacuum), the approach is different, and the second link refers. Calculations without convection are for a black body radiator.

For radiation using black body calculations the third link has a calculator. This allows a figure for the power emitted by a black body at a given temperature, and in a given wavelength or wavelength band. The answer (for a spectral band) is in W/m2/sr. This is the watts in a beam of one stereo radian emitted by a surface area given in square meters. This calculator also shows that the temperature depends on the watts in the source and the watts radiated, so it can be used to discover the temperature for a given power by trial and error (working backwards from the result). Use the spectral curve (below the calculator) to select the band that includes most of the power at the temperature involved.

Why the steradians? Using stereo radians allows a simple way to define the power impinging on a receiving surface at any distance, in watts per square meter. The area of a steradian at any distance is r^2 (of a spherical surface). Thus at 6m from the source the surface area is 36m^2, and the power in a beam of one steradian covers 36m^2. If the source itself is a sphere, the total area would be 12 steradians, giving an idea of the total power radiated. Because the shape of an object can affect its radiation in different directions, it is likely that the final outcome would need some experimental verification. An understanding of this helps with radiation measurements.
What is the name of a flying insect with fat black body?
Our Chicago area home has a number of these flying insects with a fat black body. They're about a half-inch long and seem to hover. What is the name of these?
Could be a Carpenter bee, if so it can be bad if your house is wooden as they can do damage. The ones here in Florida hang in the area in the same spot and move of swiftly if you approach them , they usually hang around at eave level of a one story house.

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